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Learn About
Her Story

The story begins with the thought of how luxury lounging should be made available to all. The brand believes that nothing should be sacrificed for luxury. Instead, luxury and the excellent comfort it provides should always be within our reach. Through this, we have created unique and comfortable luxury loungewear sets for men and women. So feel more confident with affordable luxury loungewear at Her Story.

Her Story is a vintage-inspired nighttime apparel company that helps all women to feel confident, bold & powerful while encouraging them to make loving themselves a priority. Her story provides comfortable and fashionable loungewear for women rediscovering their sexy.

Her Story empowers women worldwide to feel bold, powerful, and confident in the most unapologetic way possible- helping women to rediscover their sexy no matter where they are in life by curating an inclusive community to connect, share and encourage.

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Live In Luxury


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