Winter Lingerie for Women: Our Top Tips

The winter season is almost here. It’s time to update your lingerie wardrobe so you are nicely warm without having to wear more layers than you’re comfortable to be in. This is also the perfect time to explore and choose unique and comfortable winter lingerie for women with great style that will make you feel confident underneath, even during the cold season. So, to help you prepare your lingerie wardrobe for the upcoming winter season, here are our top tips.

Layer Up

Layering up on clothes is recommended during the colder season. But, layering up on lingerie may be a new concept. After all, when it comes to lingerie, many often think that less is more, which is sometimes true on some occasions. However, during the winter, the complete opposite is much more comfortable. It won’t do to wear less lingerie when it’s easy to feel the cold. So, bundle and layer up. And it doesn’t have to be complicated at this stage. You can choose silk robes or bodysuits, which you can find in our Her Story Clothing collection.

Consider Bodysuits

As mentioned above, a bodysuit is a suitable item for the cold season. They are easy to wear and can be paired with other types of clothing. For instance, you can wear a bodysuit underneath your jeans when you’re out for drinks with friends. Or, you can also wear it on its own and wear your softest robe above it. Whatever you pair it with, a bodysuit is one of the warmest items to wear during winter.

Stocking or Over-the-knee Socks

When shopping for a winter wardrobe, you may notice that there are plenty of winter stockings or tights available everywhere. This is because they are the best alternative if you don’t want to wear pants when out in the cold. What’s more is that they have plenty of designs, prints, and colors to choose from, so you can still dress your best while keeping warm all day. And, of course, they are also easy to wear.

Stockings have also long been known to add a sexy touch to the lingerie setup. Some might say that it completes a lingerie set. So, don’t hesitate to wear one underneath your winter outfit or loungewear.

Invest in Pajamas

Then, of course, we have loungewear or sleepwear to think about. Since it’s better to stay inside than outside in the cold, there are better chances that you’ll be in your loungewear most of the winter season. This means that it’s time to invest in high-quality pajamas that will keep you warm but will not make you feel stuffy when worn for hours.

So, are you ready to update your lingerie wardrobe for the winter season? Remember, it’s all about staying warm and comfortable without having to sacrifice the style and luxury that gives you that boost of confidence. To get started with your winter shopping spree, you may check out our Her Story clothing collection today at

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