How To Choose The Right Activewear

Having an active lifestyle is the best way to stay fit. But just because you'll be sweaty doesn't mean that you can't stay in style while at the gym. That's why before making your way to the gym, make a quick trip to a store, either online or at the mall, to find everything you need. But, it isn't as easy as choosing what you think looks great; there are a few factors to consider to find the right activewear for you. Fortunately, we've listed these factors below.


Find activewear that can give you the proper support. Mostly, this is associated with sports bras. You'll need to find one that especially fits you and provides the little extra support that you need. Be sure to learn what the right activewear can provide you with support. One of our recommendations is to try out a few things and see what works for you.


You need to be flexible when you are exercising. So, you need activewear that can provide the proper coverage to give you confidence while performing your routine. Find pants that don't sag to make sure that you will not keep pulling them while running or squatting. There are also high and low waist leggings to choose from. Preferably, here in Her Story, our lingerie for women has high waist features to provide you with the most coverage and comfort.


Activewear items are stylish and comfortable. This means that they can also be worn for other occasions. However, not all activewear is multi-purpose. Best choose the items that you can use for settings other than the gym. A few examples would be the women's underwear lingerie in Her Story. We have ribbed sets that have a sporty look so that you can wear them at the gym or as loungewear at home.


Of course, one of the most important factors to consider is the materials used. They will be your main clue whether you will feel comfortable wearing the activewear. In addition, they must not cause you chafing. Most activewear also has a touch of spandex since it provides flexibility in clothing. Another thing to look out for is the durability of the material. You wouldn't want your activewear to easily get damaged and result in holes while working out.


There are many types of activewear available in the market today. Many of them offer UV protection. This is in response to women working out in the great outdoors to run or do yoga without worrying about getting their skin damaged from the sun. It's also great to think about getting quick-drying activewear items so you stay relatively dry while doing your routine.

We hope that the list above will help you in looking for the best activewear. However, if there's another tip that we can leave you, it's to always dress for yourself. Find items that will complement your style and will make you feel confident when you work out outside or at the gym. 

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